MORTe fights to preserve Kelo type eminent domain

Last night, a parallel resolution concerning the City’s ability to designate an ‘area in need of rehabilitation’ was up for consideration as a distinct issue from the Southwest Park.  The importance of moving ahead with the resolution was significant and as important as the park vote.

By designating areas as in need of rehabilitation, the City limits itself from pursuing a Kelo type eminent domain transaction – taking private property from one owner under eminent domain powers and turning it over to another private owner.

In the video clip, Councilwoman Carol Marsh emphasizes State law as being the controlling authority in the resolution governing the City while Councilman Michael Russo attempts to muddy the waters.

Councilman Dave Mello then lays out the full and complete implications of the resolution so it’s clear to the audience the City is not seeking Kelo powers and is in fact limiting them in the Southwest by a resolution where the only eminent domain application is “for the public good.”

MORTe, shy one member is not happy about this.  The resolution is met with unhappy rejection by Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti.

Expect them to be vociferously unhappy when they can’t favor their developer friends over other developers.

This is another chink removed from the Hoboken where the connected are disconnected from the old, dark ways.

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