Newt Gingrich on glaring illegal voter fraud evidence in Election Theft Nation

 In four parts, watch before Big Tech censors this as it’s been a blitzkrieg to block factual discussion of voter fraud and election theft. It’s only getting worse, far worse. 

All of this was a pre-planned not a black swan event. In the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing (and learning) far more about election practices in Philadelphia, PA, – Clark County, Nevada, – Atlanta, Georgia, – Milwaukee, Wisconsin and of course Detroit, Michigan. 

Newt Gingrich states the obvious. There’s massive, glaring problems of obvious election theft presented to the globalist anchor crew at Fox who have put their finger on the needle in the election (see Arizona) and are continuing in their attempt to do so. 

Anyone who tells you Joe Biden is the next US President needs to be informed he’s a crime family Don, nothing more. #BidenCrimeFamily & his party of criminals. 

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