New slate forms for BoE election: Better Schools Now

Going up against Kids First will be BoE slate “Better Schools Now” featuring
Vanessa Falco, Brian Murray and Patricia Waiters.

According to the Facebook Page:

Better Schools Now announces school board ticket. Better Schools Now is comprised of long time resident and parent, Vanessa Falco, local realtor and parent, Brian Murray and dedicated community advocate and parent, Patricia Waiters.

“Parents are tired of waiting for the schools to improve. Better Schools Now has plan to deliver schools that compete with the best schools in the state. We wantparents to choose Hoboken Schools over charters or moving to the suburbs. Families move because of the schools. Better Schools Now sees a future where families stay for the schools It’s up to us to deliver a school system including the high school that competes and wins on education..” , says Murray

“The current board has played the blame game. Instead of taking responsibility for failing our children, they blame the kids or parents who choose to leave. Better Schools Now is going to change that culture. We are going to provide real support systems from the bottom up. Additionally we will lean on the Hoboken community for added support to create a culture of excellence. Hoboken’s Future is in our youth” adds Falco.

“The school system is in dire need of an extreme makeover and that is just what we will do. ” adds Waiters

A fundraising event is set for October 11th at Joe Branco’s downtown bar Room 84.


In a phone interview earlier Council and BoE candidate Patricia Waiters denied she has agreed to be on a slate with Vanessa Falco and Brian Murray.  Explaining she had considered doing so two weeks back when the photo was taken, she claimed no knowledge of the announced Facebook page and fundraiser at Joe Branco’s downtown bar Room 84.

Waiters also said she is not interested in joining with the other two candidates who are aligning with the Raia slate.

Waiters stated for the record:

“I have no interest in supporting this BoE ticket Better Schools Now and Ruben Ramos for mayor.  You see how they play dirty? I have not agreed to be on this ticket and will not join with the other two candidates (pushed by the Raia slate and Tim Occhipinti for BoE).  I am an independent.”

Told by Ruben Ramos backers her council candidacy would harm Ruben’s council slate, Waiter recounted her response, “I am not with Ruben Ramos and do not support him for mayor.”

Waiters reiterated she had no knowledge of the Facebook page launched only days ago with her quoted (above) as being part of the Better Schools Now slate.

“How would I be part of a fundraiser (at Room 84) when I’m not on a ticket?”  Waiters added, “You see what they do Horsey.”

Indeed. They even duped MSV with a phony release on Facebook quoting Patricia Waiters. 
MSV apologizes to Patricia Waiters as she’s changed her position on this election.

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