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It’s full bore campaign season in Hoboken and this election will define the future of our City be it forward under a steward where professional expectations are a given or backwards to the “On the Waterfront” and Hoboken “tradition” as some Old Guard say.

Most of you will decide whether you can participate in spreading the word performing some community effort on behalf of a campaign but if you are overwhelmed, there’s other important ways to participate.

You can sign up for email notices via a campaign but also for MSV, either yourself and/or a friend.  This way, you stay on top of the big developments and undoubtedly, the big brawls.

Next week MSV will highlight more of the insanity from the peanut gallery at the City Council meeting and all the ins and outs of a what is guaranteed to be a bruising election.

In the meantime, let your friends and neighbors know what the stakes are because they’re for keeps.

It’s easy to sign up using the “Follow by email” option on the top right. So feel free to sign up for yourself, friends and family and you’ll be guaranteed to be kept abreast by the biggest and best website covering Hoboken government, politics and corruption.

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