MyFox NY stifles dissent on Hoboken parking story

Although there’s question if MyFox NY reporter Joel Waldman is currently living on lower Willow or renting out the property, there’s no question MYFox NY has deleted the entire comments thread on its Hoboken parking story.
In the usual soporific fare making local TV news unwatchable to this viewer, the segment is a production designed to offer only a limited view of parking in Hoboken with staged shots of motorists “reacting” to a boot on the vehicle while limiting perspectives of actual Hoboken residents, the proverbial other side of the parking coin.
MyFox NY joins Hoboken411 and the unsuccessful Occupy Hoboken Parking page in trying to control which views on the issue can be expressed.  
MSV has suggested if the decade old signs are seen as problematic, a quick inexpensive correction can be made.  Stickers posted diagonal should be put on every sign relating to the four hour visitor limit on the streets with “citywide” ensuring there is no misunderstanding.
Would that fix the problem?  No, that’s a limited resolution for a less than logical reason.  In the end, people who have been able to skirt the system wish to continue to do so.  Some will argue the four hour limit should apply to only one space and there’s other emotional, illogical complaints to allow parking in bus stops and other spots posing a safety risk.
None of this is new to Hoboken but if the policy generates sufficient discussion to merit alternative policy ideas to make it easier for visitors to park in Hoboken there’s venues and avenues for such a review.  
What is currently under review is a limited revision on the yellow lines on some corners and Councilman Peter Cunningham stated recovering limited spaces which will not be detrimental to vision and emergency vehicle access is possible when it’s completed.
That’s been going on for some months and in the end may free up some additional spaces.  Public safety however will not change as the leading indicator in the review.
Moving Violations are a concern in town
too, not just the usual parking complaints.

MSV believes parking is not the only issue with vehicles in town.  Moving violations are occurring with greater frequency and the police department could play an important role in getting “word out” it’s unacceptable.  
There was a time when a show of force would be made at 11th Street and other locations when cars would blow parking signs.  It’s been a long time since that’s been witnessed.  
Perhaps Public Safety Director Jon Tooke can add this to his wish list.

Update: Hoboken resident voices have moved to the first MyFox NY Hoboken parking story and wouldn’t you know it, prosbus has emerged in an attempt to counter the truth about real Hoboken residents expressing their views with more of the old political operative act he’s infamous for over at Hoboken411.

Does the counte$$ pay extra for weekend work?

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