Fox5 Reporter Joel Waldman a Hoboken resident?

Joel Waldman – a Mason tool?

The TV report isn’t a day past on Fox5’s “follow up” report on the Hoboken parking and questions are starting to come up around the impetus behind the story.

MSV’s commenters a battle tested, intellectually rigorous bunch may have uncovered some useful information.  The first issue is did Joel Waldman report on this story as part of a real investigation even as it looks like he is a Hoboken resident himself?  If so, how long has he resided in Hoboken and why was a story on parking chosen to be done at this time?

As important if not more, shouldn’t Waldman have disclosed he resides in Hoboken?  That would give credibility to the report if the story in fact held up to scrutiny but that too may now be in question.

One poster notes Waldman not only lives on lower Willow Street but he had a Beth Mason sign in his window during an election.  Lower Willow is nowhere near the second ward so that can only mean Waldman was a resident at least going back two years to the mayoral election.

This all raises more questions than answers including what relationship Waldman had with Beth Mason before this became a story.

Update: Joel Waldman was in fact previously a resident of Hoboken.  It’s unclear for how long and what prior relationship he may have had with Beth Mason including publicly backing her.

Talking Ed Note: Thanks commenters for adding to the MSV workload, I think.  In the interim, someone noted you can leave comments on the Fox5 story and Waldman is getting bruised:

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