MSV wishes to apologize..

There’s been a rash of trolling along with a technical glitch where many posters were getting caught in a filter so their post did not make it into the comments section.

It’s somewhat ironic those posts were picked up by the system even as “Steve” has joined us today with his rather lowbrow trolling.  He/they must have MSV confused with Hoboken411.  For the lowbrow slightly veiled anti-Semitic trolling, you need to go that way.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

MSV cautions readers please be careful on the internets. This is an official troll alert.

Talking Ed Note: While trolling is not a censorable or bannable offense Da Horsey shall continue to monitor and without warning a ban to Hoboken411 may occur sooner than later.

While residents deserve leeway, bad political operatives don’t.  Neither do stalkers.

Update: MSV received word “Steve” has departed.  We’d like to wish him the best and much success at Hoboken411.  He’ll be more welcome there.

Go “Steve!” – “Mom, the meatloaf!!”

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