Council Meeting shoots down emergency appropriation, fights over non-binding resolution on BoE law passed Tuesday

The City Council meeting went into the usual partisan mode when $600K in emergency appropriations were presented and shot down by MORTe.  Agreement on the items was itself impossible with the lack of basic agreement on when the items were even presented.

Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin attempted to explain how an emergency required action on the items presented and  MORTe went into pedantic detail questioning up and down a list of more than two dozen items – many surrounding important legal work such as opposing the Monarch project and paying Hoboken firefighters.

After what seemed like an hour of discussion, Councilwoman Jen Giattino decried the dialogue with the minority clearly intent on not passing the emergency request.  In response to her designating the discussion a complete waste of the public’s time, many in the audience including MSV responded with long sustained applause.

No to 600K emergency appropriation including the specific resources to take action opposing the Monarch Project.  Mason was warned before the vote the timeline impacts acting on the Monarch to no avail.

Authorization requires six votes and no one among the minority would vote in favor.

A non-binding resolution on supporting steps by the Administration for March 3rd went down in flames.  It asked bar owners to open at 11:00 am shifting five hours ahead of the existing legal time to open at 6:00 am.  MORTe clearly favored the bar owners who gathered not to see any limitations placed on that day.

Public Safety Director Jon Tooke addressed the matter concluding opening 11:00 am was voluntary  for bars in town.  MSV spoke to several before the matter was moved to the beginning of the agenda and none of them wanted any part of a 11:00 am restriction.

A continuation of the BoE meeting looked like it was in progress with a non-binding resolution put forward to have voters vote on their desire for April BoE elections.  The matter is contradictory to Hoboken law as BoE elections will take place in November.

Castellano and Occhipinti claimed they were wanted to vote on a non-binding resolution for public sentiment and see it on the ballot in November because they didn’t get to present the resolution at an earlier meeting.  This was obviously false as the earlier resolution asked the Corporation Counsel to explore what the options on a BoE election shift actually entailed.  (That was only one of the whoopers being pushed with clear bitterness over November BoE elections).

Russo claimed it’s about “letting the people decide.”  But the people will be voting on the BoE in an actual election and deciding in November.

The grandstanding continued with Councilman Michael Russo claiming there is a valid petition submitted to the BoE.  It’s sheer nonsense.  The petition is invalid on its face on every element: number of signatures, validation by the authorized body, and meeting the requirement of the State law on moving the election.

More wasted time with more grandstanding, false information and claims and whining by MORTe who is interested in the least amount of people deciding.  Take a guess why.

At least three zoning appointments were approved.  Elliot Green moves into the primary rotation from alternate.  Zoning appointments were later discussed as part of the reason for a walkout in protest at an earlier meeting by Council members Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham.

Cameraman Tim serving the Old Guard on behalf of Beth Mason confers with political operative Nick Calicchio.  The Brothers Calicchio were noted for their thuggish behavior at the BoE meeting Tuesday night.  
(Nick Calicchio has a special subsidized apartment in the HHA for $450 a month.)

Tim was seen stalking the home of Mayor Dawn Zimmer late at night after an earlier council meeting.  

Talking Ed Note: Tim the cameraman working on behalf of Beth Mason (either via a shell company of hers or a consulting firm in her employe) has not only decided filming is more than a job, he’s become a full-fledged political operative taking instructions and coordinating with other political operatives.  After MSV spoke on the hours of bar operations for March 3rd, he insisted on filming from two feet away for about a solid minute.  Pointing to our FBI hat, we repeatedly said, “Tim did you get the shot?  Did you get the shot?  Did you get the shot yet?”  City Clerk Jimmy Farina looked on aghast at the utter stupidity of the “camera work.”

Lots of chatter in New Business on the effort led by Councilwoman Jen Giattino to land NFL opportunities in Indianapolis with two city employees to help Hoboken find ways to develop economic opportunities related to the 2014 Super Bowl.

Turns out Councilwoman Giattino invited Council member Tim Occhipinti and Michael Russo to go in her place.  Beth Mason’s false advertisement in the Hudson Reporter on Super Bowl weekend didn’t mention any of that.

Taxpayer monies were not used for the two City employees and Councilwoman Giattino paid for her own expenses.

Who do you think will be screaming to take credit when Hoboken wins some major Super Bowl revenue events when the event comes here in 2014?  Tim Occhipinti would be issuing press releases taking a bow.

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