MSV weather advisory: rainy and wet, so be careful out there…

And let’s all make sure Tim Occhipinti is in a safe, warm comfortable Bachelor Party in Boston during a hurricane, I mean location.  (Like he was for Hurricane Irene.)

Please inform the hired “hands” at the Timmy hurricane party not to be distracted or disturbed by the sounds a storm can make like, “bang!” “boom!” “kaboom!” and/or “dutut tut tut tut!”*

We don’t want to frighten off the entertainment procured for Timmy to have a good time while 4th ward residents are stranded and flooded knee deep in dirty, sewage water.

“Hey, there’s a hurricane, let’s party”

* Please note that hurricanes can produce high winds sending objects crashing similar to the sound of gunfire.  In no way does MSV wish for anything bad to befall Tim Occhipinti where Hoboken would be denied witnessing his atrocious, petulant behavior in a City Council meeting where he pretends he was actually elected without hundreds upon hundreds of paid ‘campaign workers’ who equally love campaigning and voting via paper ballot for him.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any misinterpretation, stupidity, or extreme boorishness demanding MSV guarantee no one will read this and do something equally dumb as Tim in being a machine hack attacking the First Amendment or worse.

If you wish to file a complaint and use this satire as evidence for having law enforcement arrest Da Horsey, please wait until after the City Council meeting then email me at so I can contact my lawyer who will get back to you to pass along a personalized message; you can kiss my horsey ass.

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