MSV Premium digs in for Hoboken accountability and good government

So the question is will you join the fight and support at a minimum government accountability?

The stakes are nothing less. With the latest Hoboken City Hall “sham” revealed, Hoboken stands on the precipice of seeing City Hall reduced to a Hudco bad government principality in practice at best or at worst, an outright banana republic.

Many are calling the law firm arrangement seen in the broken promise of Mayor Bhalla’s law firm contract unprecedented in the Mile Square City’s history.

It’s that bad based on the early reactions to the uncorked details of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s moonlighting law firm employment contract. It’s placed Hoboken government in a crisis of confidence setting it up for failures, massive conflicts of interest and worse.

We’re not talking about the typical political sleazy broken promises by cynical and craven politicians either. This fat cat law firm deal in the mayor’s office stands to see Hoboken abused through the back door using the powers of the mayor and legal contracts near and far, both inside and outside of the Mile Square City.

Stand up for Hoboken as MSV has done for more than eight years, reporting on the good, the bad and the very ugly. To those subscribers who offered renewals in 2018, thank you.

You can sign up for MSV Premium and receive special issues by email, no Paypal account required at the link below using a credit or debit card.

$75 or more if you want to stand for decency, accountability and good government in Hoboken.

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