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You want to see the clock turned back and see Reform leadership under Mayor Dawn Zimmer assaulted on all sides with Anti-Semetic garbage like this unchecked?  The hostility toward the mayor (and Reform) is evident and ramping up since January among the Old Guard adherents.

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Talking Ed Note: The unrepentant king of the Hoboken Sopranos corruption has surfaced in a Terence McDonald Jersey Journal story.  See what felon and ex-mayor Anthony Russo says about his infrastructure sellout and send him some love.
Related: The last Anthony Russo ripoff was covered in an exclusive here in 2011 and his lawsuit against the BoE was covered in this exclusive MSV story unreported anywhere else.
Get the picture?
At the July 2011 City Council swearing-in ceremony, the camera shy felon threatened from 25 feet away, “I’ll come over there and knock you out.” He was invited to try and bring all the goons he wanted with him.  

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