Council President on water main breaks, local media, “gamesmanship” plus how to apply for damages due to water

From the desk of City Council President Peter Cunningham:

Dear Neighbors,

Last week’s water main breaks were debilitating to our businesses and residents.  The situation is under investigation by the BPU.  It may become apparent that markings were inaccurate, or a subcontractor was negligent.  Would like to think our local papers will continue to report on the matter, but don’t count on it.  I will continue to do my best to bring you updates.

In the meantime, please see the follow excerpt from the Administration on how you can file a claim for damaged caused by this mishap.

“Any resident or business who suffered a loss as a result of the 30 inch break on Thursday, March 28th can submit a claim directly to United Water. They can call Debra Hummel at 201-750-3408. The City will also be submitting a claim for our expenses on that day.

Going forward, we also want residents to know that if they see water in the street, the quickest way to get it repaired is to call United Water directly at 201-487-0011. That will immediately begin the process of getting an inspector sent to the location.

Unfortunately these problems will likely continue, so reporting them as you see them is important.  Poorly written contracts and execution by past Administrations coupled with our inability to pass meaningful council approvals for this Administration to address these matters continue to plague Hoboken.

Those that know me, understand I am not one for the bad politics and gamesmanship that is far too common on our eight member city council.  Poor roads, parks, buildings, and utilities only continue to hurt us, and those who wish to visit Hoboken and support our economy.  If you are not in the 5th Ward, reach out to you councilperson and tell them to knock it off and stop the gamesmanship.  

Peter Cunningham

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