MSV Exclusive: Al Arezzo no longer employed by the City of Hoboken


Al Arezzo, the town Construction Code Official under fire and a long time controversial figure in the City of Hoboken is no longer employed by the City of Hoboken.  MSV spoke to a senior source at City Hall who could not confirm additional details beyond saying he no longer worked for the City of Hoboken.

A search of Al Arezzo on produces a string of stories, most of them highlighting a long and somewhat problematic relationship with Hoboken residents.  

It’s believed Arezzo may have been terminated last week but for legal reasons the details are unavailable on the record.

At a recent City Council meeting, Council members Mike Russo and Nino Giacchi made oblique references to an employee walked off the premises of City Hall when Al Arezzo stopped showing up at the construction office.  As it turned out, no one had been walked out of City Hall.  MSV briefly posted a story linked to another local story but pulled it as their sources came back and stated they were not confirmed.

One thing is clear.  Al Arezzo is gone from Hoboken’s construction office.

Talking Ed Note: A somewhat innocent remark in the mayor’s speech about working with the new construction official raised the question on why that emphasis.  The question raised brought up a surprising answer.  Hoboken’s renewal continues apace.

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