Mayor Zimmer’s State of the City – the completed unedited speech

Here is the complete video of Mayor Zimmer’s State of the City speech:

Hoboken Patch is up with a summary of the speech noting major highlights.  MSV notes some here:

the Mayor was interrupted 27 times with applause by the Hoboken public
– the first applause began with the mayor’s remarks on the formidable task of saving the hospital while removing the $52 million in bonds over the city taxpayers saying that goal was within reach.
– the mayor indicated there would be an additional significant tax cut presented in the city budget to be presented at the next City Council meeting on top of the 5% reduction last year
– introduced a costless to taxpayers and seamless $20 million bond to purchase parkland paid for with the existing ongoing park funds
1600 Park is scheduled to go on line Fall of this year while Pier C should be fully operational this spring
infrastructure is a major issue and bonding to repair the waterfront is a goal along with restructuring an agreement with United Water as soon as possible.  An agreement negotiated for $13 million with Mayor Anthony Russo offers only $300,000 in revenue annually.  The value of the infrastructure is possibly $100 million.
– the mayor urged the City Council to provide ideas and pass an anti-wheeling measure to stop the PAC infusion of money from outside Hoboken as occurred in recent campaigns with Peter Cammarano.
– development should be approved with an eye on serving the needs of all Hoboken residents not just maximizing developer profits; the mayor noted the interest in Hoboken developments is in the billions of dollars
– Emnet a flooding monitoring system will be implemented this spring and the water pump will be going online (this year as planned).
– an additional strong point early in the speech; the mayor indicated she would not shy from making the tough decisions necessary to control costs and specifically referenced personnel costs as being a driving factor
Jim Vance a noted long time activist in Hoboken was commended twice in the speech for his contributions
– new parking meter will generate a million dollars annually in revenue
– a number of fiscal efforts are saving Hoboken millions; the video is worth a view

The mayor’s speech concluded with a standing ovation from the audience.

(Full text of the prepared remarks is under this story.)

Claire Moses’ story is available at the link:

Katie Colaneri’s story for the Jersey Journal is also available:

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