MSV comment and copyright policy

From time to time MSV posts its policies. Please make note when visiting and follow the golden rule. If you choose to comment, make it matter because it’s likely to be seen by everyone from atop local government to your neighbors.

Comment Policy

Mile Square View is my website. It is not a forum for inane debate, mudslinging or name calling – and of course directing same to the host is not excluded. My only goal is to give back to the town I love. And to remain America’s most beloved pony.

This site is rated R. You may confess the worst thoughts about yourself. You can get it off your chest and confess to whatever you wish but if the language is in poor taste, it risks being edited or deleted. It probably won’t but why push it. 

You won’t get censored here. People will lie on other websites about this website. It’s boring and that’s also part of the First Amendment. Da Horsey is a mainstream First Amendment advocate. That puts MSV in delicate territory with Voltaire quoting fascists, self-absorbed fools, self-centered talentless hacks with too much of their husband’s money and their thin-skinned political operatives. It’s a problem because they think the courts, criminal and civil are places where they can perjure themselves at will and get away with it. Slowly, they may learn otherwise. 

As a caveat to this, MSV reserves the right to:

Edit comments for content, including removing signatures. We’ll try not to but you should try to make your point and double check it for spelling and grammar. 
Delete offensive comments and attacks (deemed such by Da Horsey).
Block offensive comments or people who attempt to make up rules on behalf of MSV for MSV. As if.
Delete spam and suspected spam with extreme prejudice, including posting under multiple handles, re: various names.

Mile Square View is not responsible for the content of comments left on this site by other parties. (That’s just the law, no one cares if you like it or not.)

Copyright Policy

Copyrights are important as you never know when you may find your
work stolen and used without your authorization. This also falls under
the seventh commandment: Thou shall not steal. That applies
to you, your Political Action Committee and your minion service to
your masters. No one cares about your rationalizations for theft.
Mile Square View reserves all rights to its material on this website noting unauthorized reproduction of MSV including stories and original photographs are prohibited. Any unauthorized reproduction will be assumed done at the predetermined price of $5.00 per copy, or $5.00 per view if electronically distributed. Short citations with credit to Mile Square View consisting of less than 50 words are permitted. 
The notation 2009-2015 Copyright Mile Square View always appearing at the bottom of MSV is not a suggestion. It’s publishing law.

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