Federal judge ejects former Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco’s civil lawsuit

Talking Ed Note: This complete legal decision out of federal court tossing the civil lawsuit against Hoboken brought by its former police chief, Anthony Falco and his attorney Jason Orlando.

The former police chief Anthony Falco was exceedingly polite in all interactions with MSV. He seemed to go out of his way to try to maintain a personal positive interaction with this horse if not the public. At one 9-11 Memorial service on Pier A, he seemed surprised when asked to stop having people connected to the Reform Movement arrested.

Falco was known for his interest in Hollywood but there were comparative divisions in the police force under his tenure not unlike the growing pains of professional expectations between Reform and the Old Guard at City Hall.

The HPD under Falco’s control was not cooperative to civilian requests on OPRA of public records. The hostility toward the public would rear its head in highly distasteful actions. MSV has actual emails showing some less than transparent activities with Beth Mason backed Hoboken411 directly involving officers closely connected to Falco.

One of the most distasteful examples witnessed by the public was the arrest and handcuffing to a wall of former Transporation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. While suffering an assault by an employee who literally abandoned a running city bus on a Hoboken street, Sacs called out to a Hoboken police officer for help inside the lobby of City Hall.

The aid he received was no assistance at all as the reported witnessing officer was none other than Chief Falco’s daughter. For being publicly assaulted, Sacs was himself charged with the crime of “movable theft” due to removing the keys of a running abandoned bus on a Hoboken street containing additional personal keys of the bus driver.

Handcuffed and taken to the Hoboken Police Department he was chained to a wall until Chief Falco came down and had Ian Sacs’ handcuffs removed. Upon his release, the story of Sacs’ arrest was up on Hoboken411 before he even made it out of the police station and back to work in City Hall.

True story.

The trumped up charges against Sacs received immediate press coverage in Hoboken on the pro Old Guard rag Hudson Reporter and Hoboken Patch. When the charges were thrown out of court, no coverage followed.

MSV has faced four different criminal charges filed courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department since 2010, all completely fabricated with signed perjury of Old Guard allies receiving less than rigorous skepticism in their filing.

On one occasion, one senior Hoboken Police officer threatened an arrest at a Hoboken Housing Authority meeting when a paperwork mix up occurred in Jersey City municipal court. The threat of arrest stemmed from one set of false charges eventually thrown out of court by Beth Mason’s thug political operative. The officer was charged with maintaining order at the meeting but decided to take on a wider role requested by the Mason perjurer.

MSV counsel Alex Booth arrived and had the senior Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor call from a dinner saying there was a simple paperwork mixup and no arrest of MSV should occur. The HPD responded asking the head Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor to immediately provide supporting documents to halt the threatened arrest. The threat of arrest was maintained for hours through the evening of the HHA meeting before it was concluded the actual Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor was who he said he was. Political payback for supporting a police department top heavy reorganization in 2010?

Most recently, in September 2014 criminal charges for an alleged assault with an envelope containing a subpoena by lame duck councilwoman Beth Mason were filed at the Hoboken Police Department seeing some questionable and in my personal opinion, broad improper usage of Hoboken Police Department resources. While that did not occur on Falco’s watch as he had recently retired, the politicized culture of the Hoboken Police Department pervaded.

MSV has a criminal trial with Beth Mason set for December 11 in Jersey City Muncipal Court.

As for Falco’s lawsuit attempt suing Hoboken taxpayers, use Old Hoboken and then the Catholic Church as a crutch to extract more money on his way to retirement from public service, it’s an absolute disgrace.

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