MSV breaks new milestone: 4,000,000 hits!

MSV has officially surpassed 4,000,000 hits.

That’s eight million eyeballs, less one or two if you subtract One Eye, Hoboken super sleuth who is known to bandy about these parts here and there.

That’s bucket loads of agita for the Old Guard who certainly will not be celebrating this milestone.
Not bad for a ‘vanity blog.’

Well, MSV isn’t a blog. Not by any standard definition of the word. This is a hard news website with an eye to trampling corruption at every turn.

Thanks to everyone who has played a role in this website’s success. In the end, every Hoboken resident owns a piece of this website’s achievements whether a reader, an occasional commenter, or by talking about a story appearing here with a neighbor.

Our institutions in Hoboken are almost always under duress in the Jeffersonian tradition as our Founding Father said, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

The Old Guard is fearless when it comes to corruption. They however don’t call it corruption, they call it tradition, an entitlement as in “my turn.” Using or rather abusing local government is a means to power, money, housing and special favors of every kind – and mostly at your expense. They call it “a business.” For most of you reading this, they hate your “yuppie” guts. They however loveyourtaxmoney and hate a Horse more for obvious reasons.

A very special thanks to that remarkable group of individuals who have extended support through the SLAPP, an ugly cynical attack on the First Amendment backed by the most vile, vindictive and yes corrupt elements. Your voice is carried here even as most have not heard our real voice, only the one read here at MSV. Bravo to you all!

We’ve all made a mark in transforming Hoboken as a proud part of the Reform Movement. 
Thank you Hoboken; a demanding mistress who asks for your heart and gives you her soul.

Thanks most of all to Jimmy the K, MSV’s Executive Publisher who has stood steadfastly by through it all.

Da Horsey, SmartyJones
The Hudson Mile Square View
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