Jamie Cryan snags HudCo plum, named Parking Director of West New York

Hoboken resident Jamie Cryan, a Hudson County Planning Board member and chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee has officially been named the Parking Director for West New York.

Word of the appointment came last Saturday in Augie Torres’ Political Insider column.

West New York’s new corporate counsel, Donald Scarinci said of the appointment, “He’s got lots of roots in Hudson County.” 

An interview discussing the appointment comes courtesy Hudson County TV.

Video Courtesy of Hudson County TV

Talking Ed Note: We’re already hearing of the discontent in West New York as residents are furious an obvious political appointment has been made and an “outsider” with no resume for the position is being brought in rewarded with the job.

Jamie is the cousin of former NJ Assembly leader Joe Cryan. He was slated to run for council on the Raia-Mason ticket last fall but bailed when threatened with exposure by Ruben Ramos supporters. That council slate seat for the campaign was then filled by BoE trustee Peter Biancamano.

Jamie was positioned almost immediately as a new face of the Old Guard back in 2010 when he was named the official “campaign manager” for the Tim Occhipinti council campaign. The real campaign manager running the show was Tom Bertoli, a senior advisor to Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and a rising star among political consultants in the state.

Did you hear Scarinci speak to any qualifications? Does Jamie speak Spanish? Will the Hudson Reporter editors decry the action and question why a “Latin American” native to West New York wasn’t selected?

We’re not talking about a thankless task on an unpaid Hoboken board – this is a paid plum patronage position in West New York.

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