MORTe runs successful sabotage against City: Beth Mason gets unglued during public portion

The Mason paid political operative looks like a psychic genius.  He correctly predicted that MORTe would not provide a sixth vote to pass a simple budget line transfer.
The line transfer did not involve any overspent funds as Councilwoman Beth Mason tried to claim.
After 90 minutes of tedium led by a late arriving Councilman Michael Russo where it was obvious to everyone in the room, the vote as magically predicted was 5-4 lacking the needed sixth vote.
On the critical issue of refinance of the midtown garage, Michael Russo arbitrarily is asking for a reduction in the bond.  The refinance of the bond will as written end as the current bond and save the taxpayers $50,000.

The meeting last night degenerated at one point into voice over voices with MORTe making it clear they will play games with everyone including public safety if they can get an opportunity to hurt the mayor – no matter if Hoboken gets hurt.  There’s question now where funds will come from to cover public safety.  The amount in question is about $2 million.

The tell in Russo’s question led to his comment on the parking utility funds available.
The obvious goal here is to deplete every possible nickel available to theCity and force the budget into a deficit, and lead to tax increases, layoffs or both.
Director Nick Trasente corrected Councilman Tim Occhipinti on his claim that the garage is legally not permitted refinancing.
Tim Occhipinti pantomimed to us that he is looking forward to voting no and putting the City in an immediate hole – opening a $4.5 million hole.  
Occhipinti is complaining about the parking utility budget that he wants to use that money.  Occhipinti comes up with an incorrect idea for savings and is corrected on the interest rates.  
Director Nick Trasente tries to correct Occhipinti on fact of interest rates to no avail.
It was a banner night for MORTe.  They sabotaged Hoboken on two financial areas: a simple line item budget transfer and refinancing the midtown garage.  They say there will be no layoffs for their action to starve the City.
Councilwoman Beth Mason claims “professionals say there will be no layoffs” and why not pay down the bond and deplete the City’s available funds – likely in the parking utility. She doesn’t say who or how.
Councilman Dave Mello notes the sabotage is intended to force tax increases.  He also states Councilman Michael Russo doesn’t care since he pays no taxes.  
Councilman Mike Russo says he is proud to be born and raised in Hoboken and Councilman Mello  “can’t say that.”  He adds he is proud of his resume. (It’s unclear what any of his response has to do with taxes.)
Councilwoman Terry Castellano complains she hasn’t spoken again but to the shock of no one in the room votes down the savings to the City and taxpayers.
With not one sound argument to vote down the midtown garage refinance, MORTe does exactly that.
Council President Ravi Bhalla warns the repercussions will lead to the layoffs of City workers.  Councilman Michael Russo is laughing at this.
The Council President says the results for the irresponsibility will be on MORTe’s heads.
All this versus saving the City $50,000.  For the second time MORTe said no.
MORTe is in full sabotage glory.  
Bring on the Feds!
The Russo Civic Association was shut down during the summer.  But although Mike Russo said they lost their lease, items have stayed in place for months since.  FBI related?  One can only hope that proves true.
Talking Ed Note: After this sorry display Da Horsey signed up for public portion.  We spoke some truth on the elephant in the room (the Data Theft Conspiracy) and asked some very obvious questions.  Beth Mason didn’t like it and kept interrupting even appealing to the Corporation Counsel for help during our remarks.
This is the same Corporation Counsel they ignored earlier who tried to get the Beth Russo hydra not to vote on their resolution to force tens of thousands of emails between the mayor’s staff and local media into the public square due to an FBI investigation.
Former Councilman Nino Giachhi a lame duck at the time would not agree like MORTe to discuss the matter in private session.  Councilwoman Beth Mason has attempted to interfere with the FBI investigation along with ALL of Morte!
That’s not conjecture.  That’s a fact and it’s on video.  You want to scream libel Beth Mason, go ahead and try.  The questions are NOT going away.

Not until the FBI completes their work and MSV wishes them godspeed.


MSV left before the end of public portion.  While on the phone outside City Hall not one, not two but three police officers separately arrived and went inside.  Why?  Can’t say but someone contacted them and/or at a minimum had them go to the City Council meeting at the end of public portion.

Why were four police officers with three arriving at the end of the council meeting required?
Looks like Da Horsey hit a nerve.

Who called for additional police?  It’s not clear who or how?  One officer was inside the Council chambers late in the evening and he didn’t have any work to do.  During public portion Councilman Michael Russo left the dais and then stayed in the back of the room watching during MSV’s comments.

If it was that easy to escape the heat…

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