MORTe doesn’t like the spotlight on their email activities

Last night in public portion, the sabotage of Hoboken was reignited.  So there was no reason not to highlight the elephant in the room – the outrageous systematic looting of Hoboken’s communications in the mayor’s office.

Councilman Michael Russo made a decision to leave the dais and not return during comments by MSV. He wisely avoided the spotlight and publicly addressing the question of his role (The councilman quietly was standing at the back of the room near the door as MSV exited the council chambers.)

Those comments highlighted the inability of MORTe and specifically the remarks of Councilman Tim Occhipinti to come up with a real financial reason to vote down the refinance of the midtown garage.

But the comments that provoked MORTe most during and after were on the questions previously unanswered by Council members Michael Russo and Beth Mason.  The latter was not able to contain herself on the matter.

MSV lost count of her interruptions on the matter.  What was Mason’s operative’s line?  “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Watch the fire burn ever so bright.

 Talking Ed Note: MSV let everyone know the story on the sabotage regarding the line item budget transfer was already online here.

Council members Michael Russo and Beth Mason had declined to answer the questions posed repeatedly surrounding their uncanny requests for thousands of emails in their April resolution they both sponsored.

Now the public is expected to believe their sudden claim in Hoboken Now last Friday is to be believed.
So MSV asked the question.

Councilwoman Beth Mason did not like the question raised again.  Later she’ll voice some complaints about libel and evidence and make charges on emails with the mayor’s staff claiming a “smear.”

Where’s that evidence Beth Mason?

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