Mile Square Towing: bonafide offer?

Mile Square View Exclusive
Although MSV printed the letter from an attorney representing Mile Square Towing seeking to toss his client’s hat in the ring, it’s far too soon to tell if the offer is real.  The location believed to be under discussion at 15th and Jefferson may not in fact even be owned by Mile Square Towing.
Unofficial sources indicate there’s no clarity on any of the particulars in the location being proposed.
Mile Square Towing – a bonafide offer to the City?

The “owner” who spoke at the City Council about Mile Square Towing is not confirmed as the owner of the land where Mile Square Towing sits. The land may be subleased and may or may not be permitted in such an agreement to conduct such an offer with the city. 

MSV is only confirming the details of an attorney letter not concluding on the viability of Mile Square Towing’s possible offer here.  Much of the land in that area is actually owned by Academy Bus.  

There’s been no official offer put on the table as yet to our knowledge.

A related grist for the mill story is in the works.  Eat your lying heart out Hobo411.

Photo: A gentleman speaking at the special Tuesday meeting of the City Council mentioned Mile Square Towing as a possible site of the temporary garage.

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