Breaking: Potential industrial location emerges for temporary Municipal Garage


A late communication on the breaking entry of an industrial location for the temporary Municipal Garage is now official based on an attorney letter to the City.

MSV will have more on this late breaking development.  Based on the discussion at the last City Council meeting, it does not appear it would do so.  Hat tip: Perry Belfiore.

As of the moment the major concern is the City does not open itself to any legal jeopardy in examining this opportunity.  The tone of this communication expresses optimism and an open invitation for consideration  for the temporary Municipal Garage.

Bottom line: this could be a big win for Hoboken, but it’s too early to say.

Update:  The attorney who wrote the letter is signaling a willingness to work with the city.  Although it’s unclear where the negotiations may go, it’s clearly promising.  MSV can confirm at least one other location thought to be tenable is now not being pursued by the city.  While discretion requires Da Horsey not to reveal the details of that information, people should know better by now where accurate information is made available and where propaganda and error reign.

Things are now moving and it’s required for the temporary location of the Municipal Garage.  This location may or may not fit into a solution but it’s a positive development being in the mix.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV made a decision to make this letter available for everyone.  If the hobo at Hobo411 is now using it with his minion to spin it into something, why would anyone be surprised?  

Do you think Hobo411 and its minion interviewed anyone in Hoboken or in Jersey City since MSV posted this letter at 12:30 last night?  Of course not.  Maybe Perry and his little minion went out to walk Oscars but obviously they are doing their typical early morning lying when they took a copy of this letter from MSV.  

(MSV allowed its distribution for the public but that’s the last time it will happen unless it’s necessary in the public interest.  Why give pathological liars the tools to lie again?)

Reader Catrina07030 notes MSV posted this information late last night and now it appears on Hoboken411 in the early morning.  She states it looks like it was lifted from here (with his ugly stamp on the document no less.)

100% correct Catrina.

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