Mikie Squared “I vanna be da mayor”

It may seem but a blip in the 2021 distance but Hoboken politics is a mirth of entertainment and ambition in the Mile Square City, yes, even during a pandemic.

While most are distracted and many exited Hoboken in the spring if at all possible, Councilman Michael Russo has a dream.

It goes back some years when he said he believed one day he’d become Hoboken mayor. Now fast forward to 2020 and while some of the public see a titular match featuring Mayor Ravi Bhalla vs Councilman Mike DeFusco set for the fall of 2021, not everyone is on board.

Not that the eventuality of that final lineup couldn’t appear in a runoff. If it should come to pass it would be an ultimate death match. The bad blood of the terror flyer is not forgotten and Mike DeFusco wakes up daily counting off the days for revenge.

However, for now, there’s lots of time for fun and games. There’s nothing like getting in early and pumping up your mayoral candidacy and negotiating position.

So who’s the yet unannounced candidate out and about seeking political support for Hoboken mayor in 2021?

Why, it’s Hoboken’s very own swashbuckling pandemic pirate: Michael Russo.

Councilman Michael Russo decked out in pirate gear
for a June City Council meeting via Zoom.

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