Horse Sense: The truth about the pandemic, treatment and children

Frontline doctors treating patients during the pandemic for the Chinese Communist Party Virus held a news conference yesterday in Washington DC.

It’s made quite a splash.

They recounted their experience operating on the frontlines and questioned the revived assault against the successful application of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combination therapies championed by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Other physicians have taken notice.

There’s an in-depth discussion at yesterday’s news conference about the application of fear to the pandemic, the safety for children to return to school and how Americans need to hear from medical experts around the country.

This video broadcast yesterday was seen by millions of Americans. Then the censorship assault took shape and ripped it from public viewing on Facebook and Youtube. Twitter has reportedly been suspending select users posting the doctors’ testimony seen below.

The censorship assault comes in tandem with new efforts to see undermined the safe use of HCQ combination therapies emanating out of medical bureaucracies and Dr. Anthony Fauci over months.

Why are medical professionals, frontline physicians being censored in a national conversation about the nation’s health and successfully treating the CCP Virus?


Talking Ed Note: Yesterday, the City of Hoboken reported six additional cases of the virus in the past week. Mayor Ravi Bhalla is making noise about the potential harm to children seeing “reports” of young people and children with “lasting, severe health effects.”


Last month, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) did a study on known caseloads and mortality. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) admitted actual cases of the virus may be exponentially understated across the US.

In the June study, those people between the ages of 20-49 are seen with a 0.0092% mortality rate or nine deaths per 100,000 infections.

Children 10-19 see far lower mortality rates of 0.00032% or three deaths in ONE MILLION infections.

At these numbers, we’re talking about a higher mortality rate over the past year for similarly aged children exceeded by the flu. The CCP Virus causing COVID-19 is not an influenza; it’s a coronavirus but its impact on those not elderly and immunocompromised is being vastly overstated.

Alternatively, a very successful early treatment with HCQ combination therapies is being kept from the American people.

Just recently, an Ivy League epidemiology professor, Harvey Risch asserted that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is “the key to defeating COVID-19.” Dr. Risch wrote his published article on the subject originally with Newsweek.

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