Mike Russo: Bribed!


This story first appeared on MSV March 27th, 2011

3rd ward Councilman Mike Russo who just submitted a questionable letter of achievements printed in the weekend’s Hudson Reporter predicting there would be lies about him is named in a new book – the Jersey Sting.  The book details reveal Mike Russo’s meeting with FBI informant and star witness Solomon Dwek in Jersey City’s Light Horse Tavern where bribes were discussed.

In the meeting Solomon Dwek who was working for the FBI and wired for sound, a discussion on $5,000 in bribe money is agreed upon:

from the book “The Jersey Sting”

Talking Ed Note:  The authors of the book note that “Mike Russo agreed,” to take the $5,000 in bribe money but failed to collect.

Solomon Dwek is the same FBI informant who’s testimony and wired meetings at the Malibu Diner led to the arrest and prison time of ex-mayor Peter Cammarano.  The ex-mayor was also the campaign manager for Mike Russo in his last City Council run.

MSV contacted Mike Russo several times to ask about his meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek and the $5,000 bribe discussed but he did not answer his phone and the mailbox did not allow a message to be left.  MSV would ask why Mike Russo did not report the information on the bribe solicited to the authorities.

A voicemail seeking comment from Councilwoman Beth Mason, a close ally of Mike Russo was left earlier.  Should a statement be made available, it will be added in this story.

Both Councilwoman Beth Mason and then councilwoman Dawn Zimmer were contacted by Solomon Dwek.  Neither agreed to discuss anything on zoning favors although Beth Mason did have a meeting that did not lead to any discussion of illegal bribes, unlike Mike Russo.

Correction: Solomon Dwek did not contact Dawn Zimmer or her campaign.  A middleman made a call and pitched a meeting saying a NY based developer was interested in setting up a discussion as Hoboken under a potential Zimmer Administration was viewed as not open for business.  The call went nowhere and neither side pursued the matter again.

This story is BREAKING….

The surveillance tape of Mike Russo and FBI Solomon Dwek then came out:


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