Arrests? Who said anything about FBI arrests?

There’s been a spewing of flotsam and jetsam over at Hoboken Patch.  It’s like a last stand on the hospital, except the politicos and political operatives are teaming up not to celebrate the hospital being saved – they are complaining about everything but saving the hospital and with it the Hoboken taxpayers.

Much of of it is your typical Hoboken bloviating, distortions, half-truths and arguments about minutae no normal resident will drill down into but sometimes you can find a pearl, a nugget so good, it’s better than being a priest in confession.

Because this has all the earmarks of a confession.

Submitted for your approval, here’s such a nugget by the Beth Mason political operative who is not paid for friendship, the ghostwriting Hoboken411 minion, the scourge of Hoboken politics and cancer in our midst: the man of a thousand screen names:

Sounds like someone anticipates arrests and/or getting arrested doesn’t it?

Disagreeing on policy should be part of the normal discourse of issues anywhere but in Hoboken it doesn’t really work that way due to the cast of characters running a sizable group of the population by hook, crook, absentee ballot fraud and all of the above.  They haven’t exactly identified a way to present that as a platform other than a toxic brew of class warfare and birther identity politics.

But as in an earlier article by Grafix Avenger, it’s the tell that’s important.  No longer do we hear how “public” information obtained through theft is heroic aka like the Pentagon Papers as Hoboken411 put it.  As months have passed and the FBI investigation is continuing to drill down into the matter (among others) the line has taken on a new less cryptic but equally foreboding line of complaint.  You can almost hear the minion crying: woe is us, we are being politically persecuted and “arrested” for being “political opponents.”  Wheely?

Here’s an ironic gem from only last April on what MSV calls Mike Russo FBI surveillance night.  It was the first meeting after the video of Mike Russo and FBI informant Solomon Dwek surfaced and it was completely contrary to what Russo claimed occurred in the meeting.  Here’s Lane Bajardi before being part of the persecuted when he claimed the Zimmer administration was being “protected” by the FBI.

Go minion, go minion, go minion, go.  The FBI must love this.

The FBI who last publicly made a big visit to Hoboken late May carted off enough City computer data to sift through for months which brings us back to the odd complaint/confession by Beth Mason’s friend who isn’t paid for friendship and most certainly won’t be getting paid for bail.

Can the Feds be far off now?  Sounds like some have intimate “cough, cough” knowledge of the Hoboken questioning by the boys of summer.

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