Michael Russo’s race card thrown back in his face: “Desegregate your building!”

Race card explodes in Michael Russo’s face as Councilman Dave Mello replies “Desegregate your building!”

After the exchange in yesterday’s video where a tactical race card was thrown down for the second consecutive time in two council meetings, Councilman Michael Russo opted to add to it tossing in a pillow case and a Ku Klux Klan “hood” for good measure.

This led to more discussion where Councilman David Mello spoke about his efforts working with impoverished people.  He’s a teacher working in the South Bronx.  Russo derided it as not being in Hoboken.

Interjected was the Hoboken fires where dozens of people murdered in Hoboken arsons, many women and children decades and Mello asks Director Carmelo Garcia to detail a recent funeral of a former senior city official he chose not to attend who he felt was connected to the arson.

It was preceded by a heated exchange where Mello loudly exclaims to Russo, “Desegragate your building!”  Russo attempts to change the subject to violent crime in the past to no end as Mello then focuses on the Hoboken arsons.

The Michael Russo who stood up yelling in the video below is NOT the same person who casually laid down the race card earlier in the meeting.

The race card had come full circle landing right on Michael Russo’s doorstep.

Talking Ed Note: Church Towers is a group of subsidized PILOTed buildings many suspect its list is controlled by the Russo’s.  Councilwoman Beth Mason prior to running for mayor in 2009 had backed a ten year extension of those building’s PILOTs many saw as unnecessary and completely political.
The buildings mostly in the third ward are viewed as the power base for Old Guard Russo votes.
As MSV noted in yesterday’s story, one HHA resident said they do not have the option of moving “uptown” to other subsidized buildings such as Clock Towers and Church Towers.

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