Michael Russo and his pillow case Ku Klux Klan politrickery

Here’s Episode II of Michael Russo’s “How I’m losing out on a developer deal so you get called a racist” game.

Following inane remarks by Timmy Occhipinti, the writing on the wall is clear to Michael Russo support for an “emergency” PILOT for a developer’s HHA plan is not passing.

He decides to whip out week two of the race card.  This time he adds a pillow case, scissors and the Ku Klux Klan.

While this was part of an orchestrated backup if intimidation to pass the project failed, later Russo would truly be angered when he is told to “desegregate” his building and give up his apartment.

One HHA resident said they don’t have an opportunity in the HHA “to move into Clock or Church Towers.”

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