Meeting video from City Council and synopsis from Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher

Wednesday night’s City Council meeting for those who wish to view:

Part 1:

Part 2:


The following is compiled from a personal synopsis of the last Hoboken City Council meeting from the Facebook page of Tiffanie Fisher, Councilwoman for the Second Ward:

HUMBLING: The City Council unanimously approved the City move forward with the proposed new American Legion Post 107 building at 308 Second Street. The new post will include 6 units to provide subsidized housing for homeless veterans and with protection against flooding by moving operations to the 2nd floor. A drop in the bucket for those who have served our country.
APPROACHING: Hoboken Budget Season! The 2016 budget will be introduced to the City Council at the next City Council meeting. Ultimately the process begins with the Council and the Public at public workshop hearings and in the end the State will have a chance to review the budget and provide feedback over the following 4-6 weeks. Once feedback is incorporated, the budget will be approved by both and adopted in a vote of the City Council (expected completion in May). If there is something you would like to see included (or excluded) from the budget, please email your Council representative. I am the Chair of the Budget and Finance Subcommittee and we will be having our first meeting next week to prepare and discuss the approaching budget process.
INTERESTING: Councilman Doyle reminded us that a build-out study has been underway that effectively looks at what Hoboken looks like if it were built out to 100% at current zoning. This is a starting point to see what the population would be without any changes to zoning as a starting point to begin considering municipal and community needs (schools, infrastructure improvements, emergency services, etc.). More to come…. 
AWESOME: Council approved the short term lease for the Hoboken Pop Up Library at the Multi Service Center. The Hoboken Public Library is under going significant renovations and will temporarily be housed at the Multi Service Center at 124 Grand St. The first of several scheduled closings will occur from Monday, March 7 to Friday, March 18. During that 12-day closing and future temporary closings during the year-long construction project, the Library will continue operations at the Multiservice Center at 124 Grand Street. The space will feature computers, Wi-Fi, quiet study space, and designated spaces for teens and children. All library programs for all ages and all previously scheduled programs will be conducted at the Pop-Up Branch.
CHALLENGING: The head of the taxi union and a number of taxi drivers spoke during public comments on the negative impact that independent car share drivers (Uber, Lyft, and other private companies) has had on their earnings. Councilman DeFusco, Chairman of the Parking and Transportation subcommittee, indicated he will be raising this at the next subcommittee meeting to discuss how we can potentially land on a way to better accommodate the variety of transportation sources. 
POSSIBLY RELIEVING: Councilman Ramos received support from the majority of the council to do a 90 day pilot with the hope of relieving some of the rush hour traffic during the evening when entering Hoboken from the South via Jersey Ave (and turning left onto Jackson). The pilot would entail prohibiting parking on Jackson St. between Newark and Observer Highway during rush hour to allow an increase in traffic lanes to two. Councilman DeFusco indicated he will include this in the next Parking and Transportation Subcommittee.

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