Friday Night Lights: Weekend Lunatic Edition

The latest edition of MSV’s smash hit series, Friday Night Lights brings you a special weekend lunatic edition starring Hoboken’s infamous SLAPPers and their political conspiratorial cohort.

It’s spring of 2012 and the SLAPPers are about to get their SLAPP happy ways on but there’s another frivolous criminal matter already underway by a well known punk who apparently can’t decide if he wants to be a thug or a pansy.  (The choice of the former apparently is when women and children are involved.)

A phoney criminal complaint filed against MSV in May of 2012 is the backdrop to the retaliation for a request on a trial date between a former BoE official and her kindergarten daughter being harrassed on school grounds. (MSV broke that story in April of 2012 in an exclusive other media were less than enthused to cover.)

Later the same month, frivolous litigant Kim Cardinal Bajardi sends an email to Jame “FinBoy” Barracato seeking personal information on this editor:

Kim Cardinal then replies to FinBoy stating:
Barracato within minutes replies:
Kim Cardinal Bajardi promptly responds with some wackadoodle conspiracy theories:
Barracato responds with some less than stellar intel:
Assuming the bizzare conspiracies true, Kim Cardinal Bajardi incorrectly concludes on who the actual weirdos are:
The bottom feeding Weehawken fish parries with yet more delusional fantasy: 
The criminal case referenced above was like all others against MSV thrown out of court. 
Bizzarely, a reference to having coffee with Grafix Avenger and BoE trustee Leon Gold at Empire Coffee is highlighted, an event that has never occurred. MSV has run into Mr. Gold there a couple of times by sheer coincidence.
Talking Ed Note: Limited discovery of mobile phone records showed Kim Cardinal Bajardi oddly spending thousands of minutes speaking to James Barracato around the time of the SLAPP-suit. All landline records were ordered by the court to be turned over but never were. Lane Bajardi in his deposition characterized the thousands of minutes on the phone between Baracatto and his wife as “infrequent.”
Related: SLAPPer Lane Bajardi wailed in an email back in 2009 all his involvement in Hoboken politics got him was “a sullied reputation.”  
Three years later, he would be joined by his wife, Kim Cardinal Bajardi in 2012 suing a dozen Hoboken residents for $24 million saying they had harmed his… wait for it… 

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