Media storm brewing as Beth Mason remains in hiding?

Some comments here fear the overall lack of media coverage for Councilwoman Beth Mason’s hundreds of campaign violations and the potential million dollar fines she and her husband treasurer Ricky Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz are facing.

MSV however believes the angst is premature and notes the recognition on PolitickerNJ is a sign of the times; there’s more to come.
In the interim, our neighbor across city lines at the Jersey City Desk has already picked up on the greatest Beth Mason transparency ever writing:

For more, see our friends at the Jersey City Desk who support the fight against corruption in Hoboken!

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason and her numerous political operatives have been refusing to say anything on the record about the breaking news with her raking up millions in possible campaign fines.

There’s word of a NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney event cancelled last week as an appearance with Beth Mason was considered too toxic and the media were left holding the bag – just like the people named in Beth Mason’s campaigns!

MSV is seeing remarkable traffic almost breaking five figures on a Sunday!

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Beth Mason has not issued any statement or press release as she remains in hiding but MSV believes other media will be reporting the emerging story even if she continues to do so. The record setting campaign violations in the millions are too big to be ignored. (Unless you are a Hudson Reporter editor.)

There’s additional confabulation the Above the Law legal website item referencing Richard Mason and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz with the possible million dollar fines in campaign violations putting negative attention on the law firm.

Beth Mason and her million dollar campaign fines has led to her and her numerous
political operatives going into hiding in the hopes there won’t be media coverage.
MSV senses another Beth Mason fail emerging.

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