Hoboken Schadenfreude as Beth Mason and Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Krantz face millions in ELEC fines!

Beth Mason, Hoboken’s self-anointed counte$$ / Queen of Transparency faces along with her husband Ricky Mason a large spoon of schadenfreude for their years long efforts to harm Hoboken and its residents.

While less than transparent in the attempt to subvert the sole buyer of Hoboken University Medical Center in 2011 and destroy Hoboken’s finances in the process, Beth Mason has been a stalwart in voting down progress or anything resembling decent government; be it repaving Washington Street or approving the permanent 9-11 Memorial to Hoboken victims.

Review of the ELEC reports for Beth Mason’s 2009 and 2011 campaigns raises another major question. Who is going to pay the potential huge seven figure fines looming over their political operatives and selected Russo allies installed on the Beth Mason council ticket?

What will Councilman Michael Russo be telling Vinny Addeo, Anthony Pasquale and Raul Morales? He revealed on a FBI surveillance tape he placed them on Mason’s ticket but what does he say to them today on who’s left holding the bag for their respective cut of the Mason ELEC bill?

How big is each person’s potential bill? See below after you watch Beth Mason fail to successfully juggle NJ ELEC and her hundreds of campaign violations.

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Here is additional breakdown on MSV’s financial analysis from Grafix Avenger on the potential individual Masonista ELEC fines.

Beth and Ricky Mason:  $3,605,666

Ines Garcia Keim:           $2,143,666
 Raul Morales                  $2,157,266
Anthony Pasquale:           $2,157,266
Vincent Addeo:                $2,157,266

Edward Lombard:            $2,157,266

 GRAND TOTAL:         $14,378,396 

Do you notice Old Scratch managed to denote “ownership” getting in his number a couple of times?
Who says the ole boy doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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