Mayor Zimmer to State: ‘Council Minority’ holding Hoboken ‘hostage’

Letter Zimmer Neff 11-15-11

Mayor Dawn Zimmer presents her letter to the State of NJ on the failure of MORTe to approve simple financial line items move putting the City of Hoboken into a financial crisis and unable to pay the City Firemen at the end of November.

MORTe is inducing a financial crisis in Hoboken for reasons only they can explain.  MSV has documented the continual sabotage of Hoboken before and leading into the hospital sale.  One that Tim Occhipinti outlined last night that he himself and done everything possible to see happen – before flipping his vote.

The mayor describes the actions by the “council minority” as holding the City “hostage.”

Talking Ed Note: Oh how MORTe love sabotage.

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