Mayor announces Thursday home fundraiser

Dear Friends,
Let’s celebrate the saving of our Hospital this Thursday at my house!
(See invite).

Recent events have made clear that there is much work still to be
done.  As many of you know, the City’s former IT Administrator has
been arrested by federal authorities and charged with stealing
confidential e-mails and distributing them to others, including
unnamed current and former City officials.

Last night, the City Council minority continued its strategy of
attempting to harm our City’s interests in the misguided hope that
this will somehow benefit them politically.

Here’s a recap:
First, the Council Minority refused to approve routine line item
transfers.  Line item transfers are done every year by every
municipality and the City Council had already been directed to approve
these transfers in a letter sent to the Council President by the
State.  They knowingly voted NO even when they were told that my
Administration would not be able to pay our fire fighters for the rest
of the year.

Second, the Council Minority refused to refinance the

midtown garage. Instead of voting to save taxpayers $50,000,
they chose to cost taxpayers $4.5 million for no legitimate reason
whatsoever. As a result of their vote, my Administration is forced
to implement staff reductions and may not be able to avoid a
tax increase.

In addition, the Council minority has taken the position that

no bonding should occur for capital expenses.  Unfortunately
we’ve got a Police station and Fire stations in complete disrepair.  
We do not have enough street sweepers to keep the streets clean
because they refused to bond after being asked 3 times over the
last year for this crucial equipment.

The bottom line:  They want to force a tax increase and decrease

your quality of life in hopes that the public will blame me for the
consequences of their intentionally irresponsible actions. This is
a sad reality, and a direct violation of the sacred oath that every
elected official has taken.

Hope to see you on Thursday.  Feel free to invite your friends.

The minimum contribution of $250 is just a recommendation  all
supporters are welcome and can contribute whatever amount they
are comfortable with – the more the merrier.


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