Mayor Zimmer to Assemblyman Ramos: Help Hoboken protect its waterfront from construction piers development

Office of the Mayor announces:

Today the Assembly Environment & Solid Waste Committee is considering A-3933/S-2680 which would enable urban coastal communities to build residential and commercial development on existing piers in coastal high hazard areas.
The attached letter is being read to the Committee today by Mayor Zimmer’s Chief of Staff in order to convey Hoboken’s position with respect to this legislation and opposing Hoboken’s inclusion in the legislation.

Talking Ed Note: MSV as a matter of policy doesn’t comment on official government releases but will here to the extent of emphasizing the important intervention the mayor is taking to protect Hoboken.

Mayor Zimmer became aware of this statewide legislation barreling ahead and is seeking assistance from Assemblyman Ruben Ramos to adopt an amendment and stop Hoboken’s waterfront from being targeted for further development re: the Monarch.

Hobokenites will look toward cooperation in seeing this exemption here through as it is already flying out of the station with passage in the State Senate and Assembly assured.

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