Hoboken Housing Authority cleared in investigation of $100,000 federal stimulus expenditures

The odd trumpeting of HUD’s Office of Investigation unit’s examination into three areas related to expenditures on the federal stimulus has been the subject of some extracurricular spin in recent days. MSV obtained the report.  Here’s the three items related to the investigation in the May report:

No one is arrested on the HUD investigations of $100,000 in federal stimulus fund expenditures.
Based on the political operative commenting here and crowing elsewhere, you’d think it’s akin to earning a medal.
Tonight a definite round of law breaking is on tap when HHA counsel Charles Daglian will see a vote if
Director Carmelo Garcia has his way with five attempts to ram him down his boss’ re: the HHA board’s throats.
Talking Ed Note: It’s unclear what prompted the investigation unit of HUD to look into how stimulus funds were spent. This clearly goes back several years when the almost trillion dollar package was passed in 2009 and has nothing to do with the controversy over spending more than $300,000 on elevator floors.  Or the documentation-less Vision 20/20 project.
After celebrating there’s no convictions on expenditures from the federal stimulus program (it’s unclear how much employment stimulus the expenditures created) let’s move on to an illegal appointment again of the HHA Director’s personal consiglieri – for the fifth time.
How is a contractor in the form of Director Carmelo Garcia respecting the wishes of his employers by attempting to circumvent the obvious will of that body which has repeatedly rejected his insistence Charles Daglian remain as the HHA counsel?
Is the HHA counsel contract under Carmelo Garcia some kind of lifetime appointment? 
On the matter of law, on basic common sense and ethics 101, NO HHA commissioner should be voting for the fifth time to reappoint Charles Daglian as HHA counsel.  To those who will vote for him again (illegally mind you) don’t you have an ounce of self-respect for yourself or the oversight responsibility of being a HHA commissioner?
How does commissioner Eduard Gonzalez explain that on the campaign trail and his friends at the Quality of Life Coalition?  He’s a candidate for the City Council on the Ruben Ramos mayoral ticket.
Had enough?
6:00 pm at 220 Adams Street tonight if you want to see the law broken in plain sight.  

Vision 20/20 eye chart courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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