Mayor Zimmer's ticket win all but certain

Da Horsey just got word from reliable sources the provisional ballots are a mere handful and unlikely to change the current 38-33 scorecard. The Mayor’s Column B ticket not only holds a decisive lead, it could grow larger.

Grafix Avenger scooped everyone with an intriguing story that two of the Russo’s Column C winners are defecting as we speak to the Mayor’s ticket.

That outcome would push the Column B winners to a 40 count tally making it next to impossible for any weekend efforts by the Russo family to change matters from their lovely Belmar home.

Provisionals are believed to total no more than eight ballots.

Grafix Avenger has more:

More: The Hoboken Journal adds to the bad weather forecast at Belmar, NJ this weekend with a special one of a kind Column C limerick.  It’s a must read.

Weather forecast this weekend for Belmar, NJ:
Overcast and gloomy with a front passing through Saturday into Sunday bringing abject morose clouds over the entire weekend.

Monday’s forecast: more of the same. Monday evening clearing skies will arrive after torrential whining and screaming torrents of invective and epitaphs from Mother nature re: big momma.

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