Hertz sharing options for Hoboken residents begins

The City of Hoboken, New Jersey and Connect by Hertz will launch “Corner Cars” — the country’s first true city-wide car-sharing program on June 16th. With the roll-out of this program, more than 90 percent of Hoboken residents will live within a 5 minute walk of a car-sharing vehicle location. 
“We’re proud to partner with Hertz to offer our residents the first true city-wide car-sharing program in the country,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This creative program will save residents thousands of dollars compared to owning a car and eliminate the stress and hassle of looking for parking in our city.”
The first phase of this program is anticipated to remove more than 750 vehicles from Hoboken‘s crowded streets.
City Council President Peter Cunningham convincingly argued that the effect on our parking situation will be the same as building a new 750 car garage, except it won’t cost taxpayers a dime.
“Instead of taking on millions of dollars in taxpayer debt for structured parking, residents who switch to car-sharing will save thousands of dollars,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “It’s the 21st Century solution to contemporary urban parking woes.”
The following day, Thursday, June 17th, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs will host a community forum to discuss transportation and parking issues with residents. The forum will run from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Multi-Service Center124 Grand Street.
What: The formal kick-off of “Corner Cars,” Hoboken’s new city-wide car-sharing service powered by Connect by Hertz. Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs will take a vehicle for the inaugural drive.
Where: The intersection of 2nd St. and Harrison St. – the location of one of 21 car-sharing locations.
When: Wednesday, June 16th at 4:30 pm
Who: Mayor Dawn Zimmer, City Council Members, Hertz representatives, other local elected officials, and community residents.
The “Corner Cars” program operated by Connect by Hertz is Hoboken‘s city-wide car-sharing service which allows residents to rent a vehicle by the hour, day or week. Rates start at $5 per hour and include gas, roadside assistance, navigation system, and insurance.
More than 90 percent of the Hoboken population will be within a 5 minute walk of at least one car-sharing location. Locations were selected through public input and by City Council members representing individual wards.
Residents with questions about the Corner Cars program can email or call the Department of Transportation and Parking at 201-653-1919.
Car-sharing Benefits Summary
Many Hoboken residents own a car but commute daily by transit, bus, bike or walking. They move their car for street cleaning or pay high rates to park in a garage. They use their car for groceries, to visit family, or to go to the beach. Other than that, their car sits around for days or weeks costing money, getting old, and losing value. “Corner Cars” is the alternative that makes a car available to residents whenever they need it — whether it’s for an hour or a week — and only costs for the time it’s used — as little as $5 per hour. With Corner Cars, residents could save thousands of dollars per year, never have to worry about finding parking again, and have the convenience of a car always parked nearby in a reserved space.
For car-sharing members
Members will enjoy the convenience of never having to worry about finding a parking spot ever again and having a reserved parking space a short walk from home. Those who switch from car ownership can save thousands of dollars per year.
For low-income residents
Some residents may need the mobility of a personal vehicle but lack the ability to own one. Car-sharing is an affordable alternative with rates as low as $5 per hour — gas, roadside assistance, navigation system, and insurance included.
For other residents
Everyone benefits from car-sharing. Fewer cars on the streets means parking is easier for everyone. Less traffic means safer streets for children, less noise, less pollution, and less wear and tear on roads. Even those who own a car can benefit from using car-sharing vehicles for emergencies or when a car is being repaired.
For new/prospective residents
Car-sharing will add to the variety of multi-modal transportation options that make Hoboken an attractive place to live. With all the transportation options available — commuter rail, light rail, bus, ferries, our expanded Hop shuttle, new bike lanes and additional bike racks parking, and now our new city-wide car-sharing program, we hope new residents that move to Hoboken will reconsider whether they need to bring a car here at all.
For property owners
Real estate listings often highlight their proximity to public transit options. Now, those without private parking can similarly point to nearby car-sharing spaces as a convenient alternative and make their home more marketable.
For taxpayers
Instead of spending millions of dollars building structured parking, the first phase of the car-sharing program is expected to remove 750 cars from our streets, having the same effect on Hoboken‘s parking situation, but at no cost to taxpayers. Fewer cars on the streets means less wear and tear on roads, and that means fewer potholes to fix and less frequent repaving needed.

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