Mayor Zimmer proposes 36 layoffs, half on police force

City of Hoboken announces:

As the City of Hoboken moves forward to address its financial challenges while ensuring that the City’s public safety and quality of life are protected, the Zimmer Administration today announced the proposed layoffs of 36 employees. If approved by the State of New Jersey Civil Service Commission, the personnel changes are projected to save taxpayers a net $2.5 million per year.
Recommendations for 36 layoffs of employees will be submitted for approval to the Civil Service Commission. This includes 18 layoffs from the Police Department that will occur after 19 senior officers are demoted. An additional 18 layoffs are planned in other departments within the Administration.
“As we make this difficult decision, my Administration is committed to protecting the public safety of our community,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who is working closely with Police Chief Falco. “Through redeployment and civilianization, there will be no reduction in the number of patrol officers policing Hoboken‘s streets.”
The police reductions are informed by the findings of the Police Department audit prepared by the State of New Jersey, Division of Local Government Services (“DLGS”) as well as recommendations by Arch Liston, the City’s Business Administrator, who has 25 years of experience in public safety. The DLGS audit found that the Police Department “contained more superior officers than was necessary to maintain essential police services” and that “more patrol officers can be placed on the street” by civilianizing several positions.
The City’s proposed demotions reflect the DLGS audit which recommended that the superior officer structure be modified from 1 Chief, 4 Captains, 18 Lieutenants and 30 Sergeants to 1 Chief, 3 Captains, 12 Lieutenants and 26 Sergeants.
“Layoffs create real hardship for employees and their families, and I recognize that this decision has serious consequences for them,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The individuals affected are hardworking public servants who are victims of a fiscal climate not of their own making. This has been an extraordinarily difficult decision that had to be made, and my Administration proceeded with extreme care to ensure that we have a responsible plan.” 
“We have a responsibility to use our resources more efficiently,” added Mayor Zimmer. “By civilianizing non-police functions and moving Police from behind desks and out on our streets, we can improve efficiency and maintain the exceptional level of public safety our Police Department has always provided our community.”
Mayor Zimmer will brief the press at 2:00pm today in her office at City Hall.
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