Mayor Zimmer Press Conference on Layoffs

A subdued Mayor Zimmer officially announced 36 layoffs at City Hall earlier this afternoon.  Speaking in a soft spoken voice, she described the decision as the toughest of her public career.  Emphasizing the reductions as needed for Hoboken’s fiscal health, the mayor added the city employees were not to blame for the losses describing them as hard working.

Half the reductions proposed, pending the State Civil Service Commission review will come from the Hoboken Police Department.  Mayor Zimmer asked members of the media to state the reductions will not lead to any lessening of patrolman on the streets of Hoboken.  In the questions and answers, she added there had been a meeting earlier this morning with Police Chief Falco.  
In a discussion on background with an administration official, the process for reducing staff in the police clearly meant that union “bumping” rules would impact younger officers on the force.  It’s hoped however that some senior members may elect to submit retirement papers before the State of New Jersey’s pension rules change reducing the impact to the department.
The savings to Hoboken is estimated at $2.5 million annually.

Related: Hoboken Patch posted a story where police union head, Vince Lombardi complained about not being told this morning about the impending layoffs.

Timothy J. Carroll, a veteran reporter of Hoboken union negotiations over recent years posted his story on today’s news conference.


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