Mayor Zimmer: ‘Our Council Slate is Official – We’re Ready to Rock!’

The Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:


Mayor Dawn Zimmer today unveiled her Council slate and kicked-off her re-election campaign.  Running with Zimmer will be incumbent Councilmen Ravi Bhalla and David Mello, and first-time Council candidate, Jim Doyle, a longtime parks advocate who was instrumental in the successful sale of the hospital asa Board member of Hudson Healthcare Inc.   The Zimmer Team will be introduced at a campaign launch party to be held at Littletown on the Hobokenwaterfront this evening beginning at 6:00 PM.
Mayor Zimmer said, “Councilmen Ravi Bhalla and David Mello have been with me every step of the way as we restored integrity, fiscal responsibility and accountability to City Hall, putting Hoboken back on the right path. Jim Doyle has been fighting for years as a private citizen to ensure that our City has the open space it needs and he volunteered to help lead the successful effort to save our Hospital when it was about to close.  I am excited that he has decided to once again fight for our city. Together, I know we are the best team to build on this sound foundation and lead Hoboken forward.”   Zimmer became Mayor in the wake of Peter Cammarano’s arrest for political corruption when Hoboken was still reeling from an 80% tax increase and under state fiscal supervision.
Zimmer noted some of her major accomplishments such as saving the city’s bankrupt hospital from closing, preserving more than 1,200 jobs and relieving taxpayers from a $52 million bond guarantee and $11 million in interest payments.  Other achievements cited by the Mayor were freeing the City from state fiscal supervision by putting in place responsible budget practices like the restoration of the Rainy Day Fund and holding the line on city taxes, providing a tax reduction in each of her budgets.   She also noted the significant improvements and upgrades in the City’s parks.
She said that implementing her comprehensive plan to reduce flooding and prepare Hoboken for the future intense storms that are predicted because of climate change will be one of the highest priorities for the next term.   Zimmer recently presented Hoboken’s Resiliency and Readiness Plan to the City Council.
Councilman Ravi Bhalla said, “We have put Hoboken on a sound fiscal path and we simply can’t afford to go back.  Together with Mayor Zimmer, I will continue to work hard to ensure a bright future for the city we all love.”
Councilman David Mello continued, Together, we have improved our parks, encouraged family-friendly and balanced development, and are working to secure additional active open spaces throughout the western neighborhoods of our City that are currently under served.”
Jim Doyle added, “”We succeeded in saving our hospital. The continuing challenges are preparing for future storms and ensuring a sensible and balanced approach to development. Working on these critical issues will be my highest priorities as a Councilman.”
The Zimmer Team pledged an aggressive grassroots campaign and unveiled their campaign web site,

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