Carmelo Garcia ‘friends’ thugging it out at the voting booth

HHA resident alleges being blocked by self-declared friends of Carmelo Garcia in latest civil rights attack at the voting booth

Once again, another day and another civil rights scandal in the fourth ward.  Grafix Avenger recounts allegations from a woman in the HHA who has stood up to Carmelo Garcia and Vision 20/20 with a report of harassment right inside the voting polls yesterday.

The poll worker told the long time Hoboken resident (who attended Hoboken High School) she could not vote as she “didn’t live here.”

Jessica Coco, a member of the HHA tenant group “Save the Projects” recounted her voting experience yesterday.  Those mentioned attempting to block her from voting are self-declared “Friends of Carmelo” re: Carmelitos and past paid recipients of Tim Occhipinti campaigns.

Here’s an excerpt of yesterday’s latest attack on Jessica Coco’s civil rights:

I was told I couldn’t vote, because I didn’t live there. The woman didn’t ask me for my name or ask my address, but she did comment that I’m against Vision 2020.  She knew enough who I was to know I’m against Vision 2020 because I didn’t tell her. She refused to let me vote because she said I don’t live here, because I’m a “crac”. Twice she repeated this and stopped short before blurting out “cracker head”.

Read the full story at Grafix Avenger.

People have complained about voting rights being an issue as in the 1960s today.
In Hoboken, there’s evidence of a problem right here based on an eyewitnesses in the fourth ward yesterday.
Talking Ed Note: Is Hoboken a totalitarian banana republic?  Apparently, there’s a group in the fourth ward who may think so and they are self-declared in their alignment with Carmelo Garcia and Tim Occhipinti.
In a conversation with witnesses to this incident yesterday, a poll worker is described as acting “menacing” and blocked  the exit so the voter could not leave.  This will require further investigation.

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