Mayor Zimmer: The Comprehensive Interview pt. 2

In part two of Thursday’s interview, the first question (after the phone interruption) concerns the cost and strategy to deal with Sinatra Park and its current $11 million dollar price tag.  Grant applications and the full process of that is discussed here as well.  (Talking Ed Note: Mayor Zimmer noted in a twitter grant applications completed via Congressman Sires office.)

The next question revolves on how to get ahead of the curve with the fiscal year 2011 budget, beginning July 1.  The mayor discusses the tools necessary for analyzing the town’s cost and the process for identifying a Business Administrator.

Flooding and the issues that arose around it during the mayoral the campaign are highlighted and the questions around the best strategy; the largest area of real disagreement in the run for office.

MSV then asks the mayor where she stands on taxes and specifically the disagreement stated in the Budget Workshop between Councilman Ravi Bhalla and Councilman Mike Lenz along with the “moral obligation” to the taxpayers for tax relief.

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