Mayor Zimmer: The Comprehensive Interview pt. 1

In this first part of the audio interview Thursday afternoon at City Hall, Mayor Dawn Zimmer begins on the challenge of moving from a legislator to executive, the “crises after crises” when she became Acting Mayor and the efforts on transparency in the hiring process and obtaining the police audit.

Governance, specifically Hoboken’s efforts to become independent is the next area and hiring a Business Administrator comes up as a crucial part of that effort.

(This segment is somewhat shorter than desired due to a phone call interruption.)

Talking Ed Note: Although some charge there’s a relationship between the mayor and Mile Square View, this is actually the first real conversation of note between Mayor Zimmer and Da Horsey.  For the record, MSV has been at a few events, and actually spoken more with her husband on a couple of occasions, easily surpassing the brief total time with Dawn Zimmer herself.

Similarly to the interview with the fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi, we’ll refrain from offering any commentary until a later date in order to allow readers to draw their own conclusions. Like that interview, all questions here were asked live, unrehearsed and the Q&A is complete and unedited.

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