Mayor to MTV: You can’t bribe your way in Hoboken

The City of Hoboken officially rejected MTV’s request to turn Hoboken into a meatball hookup destination for juicehead guerrillas but Jersey Shore got more than just a film permit rejection.

Mayor Zimmer added a threat that the City would take action if MTV followed an earlier practice of making a verbal agreement with payoffs to unknown parties so it could illegally film in public locations.  An excerpt from the letter makes that plain:

See the mayor’s full letter to MTV:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer said no to a MTV Jersey Shore spinoff filming in Hoboken.
Residents wholeheartedly agree with the decision.

Update: Snooki and Jenni Farley on the radio this morning say it’s “Hoboken’s loss.”  All four sound like they are resigned to the situation, pardon the pun.  Four?  Yes, Farley addresses her fake mammaries as “the girls” and another rumor says the meatball is packing.

To her credit, Snooki is rather polite but while Farley acts as if she didn’t know anything about Hoboken being the desired location, the radio dj shows a picture of the mayor and Farley clearly has heard something.

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