February is FBI Cyber Crime Month

Today is the first of February and while January goes out like a lamb, not this month.
Da Horsey is proud to declare February FBI Cyber Crime Month.

Federal crimes pursued may well play out in Hoboken through the course of 2012 and beyond but MSV intends to honor this and other divisions defending our Republic.  There’s no time like the present.  😉

FBI’s Cyber Division is honored with its own month in Hoboken

Although the IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi confessed to being the conduit responsible for massive looting of the mayor’s communications, the FBI complaint indicated two other parties but did not state the conspiracy ended there.  Neither of those hinted at in the FBI complaint are what MSV calls “the Hub.”

Back in December, when the political operation on Hoboken parking was going on at the My Fox NY website, one commenter prosbus, believed by many to be a Beth Mason political operative not paid for friendship taunted the Feds with this post:

The ever unpopular prosbus taunted the FBI and attempted to brush others with his online behavior.

Hoboken is due a number of answers from the Feds when the authorities are ready.  They have to pick through the carcasses of local officials, elected and otherwise who are turning evidence with the thought to escape any prosecution.

So with that February is FBI Cyber Crime Month.  Do you know where your email went?
We don’t.

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