Mayor goes all in: throws down in bid for Southwest park

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is requesting that $3 million Hudson County Open Space grant funding originally awarded for purchasing land for a park on the Henkel site be repurposed for land acquisition for a Southwest Park. Hudson County provided municipalities with a one-time opportunity to repurpose previously awarded grants where the projects had not yet been completed towards other projects where the funds could be used within the next 12 months. Three years ago, Hoboken received a $3 million grant to purchase land on the Henkel site. The process for land acquisition stalled due to a number of complexities.
Since the City Council approved $20 million in bonds for the acquisition of land for new parks, the Administration has been engaging land owners in Southwest Hoboken, but they have not been willing to sell their properties.
“I thank the City Council for providing my Administration with the tools we need to re-engage property owners and negotiate from a position of strength so we can acquire land at a price that is fair to both property owners and taxpayers,” said Mayor Zimmer. “We are on our way to making the Southwest Park a reality. Although the Henkel site is not something that could be acquired within the next 12 months, it remains a goal for acquisition for a new park.”
The request for repurposing the funds requires approval of the Hudson County Board of Freeholders.
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Talking Ed Note:  MSV will be back on this breaking development.

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