Hoboken Revolt: The call to arms on the Hospital tonight

The Hoboken Tax Reform Coalition

A message to all members of Hoboken Revolt

Taxes will Skyrocket, You MUST Speak Up!

Members of Hoboken Revolt-
Our City is faced with a brutal reality…. The Hospital continues to lose money and taxpayers are on the hook for a $55M bond if the hosptial is not sold.   IT MUST BE SOLD TO AVERT DISASTER.  Taxes will skyrocket.  $55M is equal to the entire tax levy of one fiscal year!  Selling the hospital will guarantee residents with local quality healthcare for the next seven years (the terms of the negotiated agreement for sale currently on the table) while ridding taxpayers of a potential financial disaster.

ATTEND THE MEETING TONIGHT 6pm- 8pm and tell the board you support the sale!
State Health Board Meeting-
TONIGHT Thursday, July 21st 6p-8p
Our Lady of Grace Parish Hall, 422 Willow Ave

This is AS IMPORTANT as demostrating against the 47% tax hike a few years ago.  Let’s demonstrate NOW so we don’t have to later!

If you have not signed the petition please do so and share this with your friends:

Love Your Town, Stay Involved!

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