Mayor to Council: County funds for Sinatra Park, Southwest option is eminent domain

Mayor Dawn Zimmer issued a letter to the City Council on the issue of the county grant and the application of a current grant and the option for a park in the southwest part of town:

MSV will be following up on this issue having interviewed more of the players who are speaking to each other versus issuing press releases without doing any work on the matter whatsoever.

Memo Zimmer Council 7-20-11

Talking Ed Note: For the record MSV opposes the use of eminent domain for anything but the most critical application and even then in the most limited circumstance and utilization.

The very idea in a mile square town the city should seize someone’s property to build a park is absurd. There are parks in town and if you want a park near you and in your backyard, no one owes it to you. No one owes anyone a park near them that would increase the value of their property near their home either.

MSV will oppose the use of eminent domain to build a park in the southwest or anywhere else for that matter.  That means opposing any and all public officials from the mayor to the council to the county and state.

Using the funds for Sinatra Park, the crown jewel park of Hoboken is a home run.  Do it!

As for Tim Occhipinti, if he wants a park in the southwest, then he can advocate where the property seizure(s) need to take place.  Let’s hear it tonight at the City Council meeting Tim.

For the City’s resolution on eminent domain and the letter from the County please see the City of Hoboken website:

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