Breaking: Beth Mason tells whopper on Hospital

Don’t put this in the can you believe this one file, but Councilwoman Beth Mason issued one of her patented less than accurate email blasts and this one clearly has Target Sabotage written on it.

Mason is encouraging people to come speak on the hospital tomorrow, but it’s not to save it.  Instead she complains the contract calls for only 75% of the jobs to be saved.  The truth is the contact calls for a minimum of 75% of the jobs to be maintained in any sale with Bayonne’s Holdco.

Of course imparting accurate information is not the goal here. It’s to play on employee’s fears and have them go speak in dreadful tones maybe with tears in their eyes expressing concern on what may happen to them and their families if they lose their job.

What Beth Mason doesn’t tell you is that the deal is the best offer of the bids the hospital received and it’s the only hope to see it saved for seven years forward saving the hospital, jobs and the taxpayers a liability of $52 million.

Whoever wrote this for Beth Mason is pulling out all the stops. The complaint the hospital would be possibly open for seven years is laughable.  The hospital has been on life support for the last few and was in danger of closing at any time.

Congratulations Beth.  You just topped yourself in the plain awful category.
That is until the long arm of the law catches up to you on other matters.

What an absolute disgrace.

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